Ron and Nico at Playa del Carmen

2016 Annual Report: Grandchildren

Grandchildren are Lots of Fun

Kiera School Pic
Kai School Photo
Scarlet School Pic
Nico School Pic

We start with head shots of the grandchildren courtesy of various schools.

Scarlet and Nico

The young pair has changed markedly this year, as you can well imagine. Scarlet has overcome her initial language issues and now talks a blue streak. She is learning to read, write and do some arithmetic, with some help from the older generation. She has her mother's knack for knowing when a camera is pointed in her direction.

Nico has turned into a real boy, with all that implies. He has a stubborn streak that is a family genetic trait. He tries to run as fast as Scarlet, but cannot quite do it yet. Soon, though. He loves gardening, especially when it gives him as chance to move dirt with his toy dump truck.

Kai and Kiera

Our two oldest grandchildren are still both are in school at nearby Harding Elementary, a short walk from home. The school has a lot of activities for parents as well as children. El Cerrito has its own set of activities, including baseball, where Kai showed some promise. Note that something has been added since last year. We expect his improved vision to translate into more success at the plate to complement his great catch and throw prowess.

Both kids are taking music lessons, Kai on the piano and Kiera, violin. We had a chance to hear them play a duet together at the annual concert. Kiera, following in her Mother's and Grandmother's footsteps, has taken up sewing. The results so far are promising.

Molly, the dog that was a family member for many years, since Anapolis, reached the end of the line this year. She cannot be replaced, but two black kittens have been added to the clan: Lorelei and Snookie. No photos of them as yet.

Here are some of our favorite photos from 2016. Many more can be found in the Family Photo Album.

The Sandy Hand Monster is Coming
Here comes a fastball, right down the middle!
Kiera on the beach
Nico in an unusually pensive mood