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Jim and Linda in Galapagos National Park

Summary of the Year

Lots of Photos Again This Year

Just like last year, we've included tons of pictures in this annual report. In fact, the report is mainly contained in the picture descriptions. We've arranged the pictures into convenient collections so you can check out just the ones that interest you. If you just want a quick look, we have the best pictures of the year.

The Classical Annual Report and Executive Summary

From the very beginning, we constrained this report to fit on a single sheet of paper, which in later years was interpreted to mean two sides of a single sheet of paper printed in a readable font.This is proving more and more difficult as we adapt to this web format. This year, we're trying to eliminate the dead tree version of the report. Oops! Jim wrote that without checking with Linda, who exercised her editorial veto. The hard copy version is available as a PDF file.

During this very eventful year, Linda and Jim did their best to prop up the ailing airline industry; passed a milestone birthday divisible by three primes; lost a family member; saw both children move to the left coast; watched in dismay the disaster of November 2; and witnessed a rare Christmas snowfall in Houston. Our travels this year took us to Boise, ID; Vail and Fort Collins, CO; Sarasota, FL; Annapolis, MD; Los Angeles; Houston; the Galapagos Islands; and Saint Croix. During this time we learned that Southwest is by far the best US airline, that Continental tends to be a bit cavalier about carrying baggage between Houston and Quito, and that the Miami airport is not as bad as it used to be.

Jim’s Dad

Jim’s dad died on July 25 in Houston after a long decline due to complications of diabetes. See the obituary here. A particularly poignant moment illustrates the kind of man he was. The day before he died, Claire and Jim were in the room when Jim Sr. woke up and was lucid for a while. Jim started crying. His father tried to reach up to comfort him, but was unable to because of the bed restraints. On Sunday morning, many of us were in the hospital room listening to his labored breathing. Marion arrived about 9:30 and went to his side. She stroked his head and said, “You don’t need to struggle any more.” He died quietly a few minutes later as though he’d been waiting for her.

Galapagos Islands

After talking about it for years, we finally scheduled a trip to the Galapagos. It was everything we expected: fascinating geology and history, very tame birds and animals, and unique species, such as the only flightless cormorant in the world. Those of you who saw Master and Commander already know that. We kept looking for the part of the island shown in the movie. We are a bit suspicious that it may have been on a sound stage in California. Other rarities include the only penguin that occurs in the Northern Hemisphere and the oldest post office in the Southern Hemisphere.

We have a longer write-up and a collection of photos elsewhere in the report.

Other Travels

In addition to the Galapagos, we managed several short trips within the USA. Click on the header for more on each topic.


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