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We have found that some Hargroves, searching for ancestors, stumble onto this site. Genealogy information about this branch of the Hargrove Family is no longer available online. Sorry about that. If you are one of these Hargroves, feel free to stick around and check out this web site. If you find that we are related, please let us know.

The 2017 Annual Report is here! That's right! Once again we have an Annual Report for your consumption. Tons of pictures, adorable grandchildren, Jim and Linda travel some more, and spider pictures as usual. Read it allÖ

Top Story: Adventures in Downsizing

That's right. We're moving to San Francisco. Our cell phone numbers remain the same, as well as our email addresses. But Snail Mail will change. Our new address is
843 Vermont St
San Francisco, CA 94107

If you need full contact info, use our contact form and we'll reply with all the info.

Our new abode is the "in-law" part of a two-unit condo near the top of Protrero Hill. For reference, Claire, Ron, Scarlet and Nico, lived at the bottom of the hill until recently. They now occupy the nice 4BR upper half of the condo. This combination has long been a dream of Linda and Claire, as it solves both the Nanny and pet sitting issues with one elegant solution.

There is one tiny problem: The new digs are quite a bit smaller than our current dwelling. At 2BR, 1.5 BA and 1100 Sq ft, if requires some major downsizing. If you haven't gone thru that life changing step yet, believe us when we say it is not to be undertaken lightly.

We have been looking for a suitable property for some time, even to the point of making serious inquiries about another building. When this came on the market, days after we returned from our Chile Trip, we had to move fast. Jim had to be cajoled into the operation, but now has taken up the cause of "getting rid of junk" enthusiactically. We expect to be settled in by the time we leave for Southern India and Sri Lanka on January 29th.

The location is excellent, with a dog-friendly park across the street, neighbors with children the age of Scarlet and Nico, and a terrific walk score.

More about our move is told on Jim and Linda's page.

Jim and Linda Still Keep Traveling

Bird of the Year

 Best Photo of the Trip

Jim thinks this is the Best Photo of the Year

With both of us Still retired we have more time to travel. We took several trips this year, three of them major birding expeditions, working on our new goal of half the species in the world, a moving target as the authorities keep adding new species. Read more…

To see more of the best photos of the year, (Jim's top 20) click here.

Read more about Jim and Linda…

Adventures in Gardening: The Meadow

Our "Weed Patch" has now been re-cristened "The Meadow." As we go to press, it is a verdant expanse of Wood Sorrel and various other ground covers. It provided us with a lovely succession of flowers thru the year. We have decided not to change the plantings while selling this house. That way, we hope to find someone who will appreciate the semi-wild look. Read More…

What's with this Other Jim Hargrove nonsense?

It started when my brother Bill complained that he had a hard time separating e-mail messages from my father and me. I started signing my e-mail as The Other Jim Hargrove. Now, though I could possibly claim to be the real Jim Hargrove, I find I like the idea of being the other one. As I usually tell people, "There are lots of Jim Hargroves around, but only one who claims to be the other one. " If you doubt this, try Googling "The Other Jim Hargrove".

Compare to Googling Jim Hargrove.

All About K-Days


The tradition of celebrating KDays, multiples of 1000 days of your life, began in the Hargrove family in 1999, when Jim achieved his 20,000 day milestone . Charles is responsible for pointing out that this was about to come up, and Jim seized on the excuse for a party.

Why Celebrate KDays instead of birthdays?

Of the many reasons for celebrating KDays, besides having a party, three stand out:
  1. There are fewer KDays than birthdays, something that looms larger as the years increase.
  2. The date of a KDay moves around, so you donít have the boring repetition year after year. As Jimís birthday falls around Thanksgiving each year, he appreciated this feature immensely. People whose birthdays fall on Christmas, or New Yearís Eve, will appreciate it even more.
  3. You can still celebrate your birthday.

What traditions are associated with KDays?

  • Giving of presents are definitely not part of KDay.
  • A card, especially an electronic greeting card, is de rigueur.
  • Although parties are appropriate, none is required. A day of quiet contemplation is perfectly acceptable, unless the KDay is a noteworthy one, such as 20,000. Then you should have a major blow-out.

Isnít it hard to figure out when a KDay is coming up?

Fortunately, computers can deal with this little problem rather easily. Click here for a simple calculator .

Do greeting card companies know about this?

Not yet. Spread the word!

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