White Throated Kingfisher, a long way off

List of All Available Annual Reports:

We started writing a Christmas Letter in 1977, following our move to California.  We continued the tradition every year since.  We found that getting the letter out before Christmas was simply too hard, so we changed it to an Annual Report, issued each January, several years ago.  We have many examples of these letters, but to answer the inevitable question, no, we don't have a complete collection.  Several people have told us that they kept all the old copies, but we have never seen a complete collection.

We are trying to recover some older copies.  We will be adding them to the list as we find them.

And a couple of real oldies, just to show how far we've come.  These have been tidied up a bit.  Apparently, spelling checkers weren't standard equipment back then, and everything came out looking like a typewriter.