Nice photo of a Burmese Shrike

2017 Annual Report: Grandchildren

Grandchildren are Lots of Fun


We start with head shots of the grandchildren courtesy of various schools.

Scarlet and Nico

The young pair has changed markedly again this year, as you can well imagine. Scarlet has shown an aptitude for arithmetic, or maybe a good memory. “Scarlet, How much is five minutes?” “300 Seconds.” She enjoys Kindergarten. “I love having homework to do at home.”

Nico is Nico, a typical 4-year old boy. He has learned some good habits at pre-school, such as picking up the toys. (Sometimes!) His stubborn streak (where did that come from?) mentioned last year shows no signs of abating. Oh well. Assertiveness can be useful.

Kai and Kiera

Our two oldest grandchildren are still both are in school at nearby Harding Elementary, a short walk from home. The school has a lot of activities for parents as well as children. El Cerrito has its own set of activities, including baseball, where Kai showed marked improvement with the addition of eyeglasses. He was one of the star pitchers on his team due to an amazing ability to throw strikes.

Kiera has an equally full schedule, with gymnastics, violin lessons, and, yes, school.

Both kids show promising musical ability that leaves us speechless. “Must come from Amy's side of the family.” Kai's piano playing is frankly impressive. Kiera is learning the violin, which Linda says is much harder. We keep trying to push Linda's uncle Kenny's old violin, but it is too big for Kiera.

We recently attended the Harding Variety Show, where Kai and Kiera both participated. Kai functioned as stage manager and played an impressive piano piece by CPE Bach, who should probably be called “the other Bach.”

Kiera sang a solo of My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music, which is not easy. She also played Hedwig's Theme on the violin, easily the best violin solo of the evening.

Here are some of our favorite photos from 2017, and one video. Many more can be found in the Family Photo Album.

Kiera, Linda, Jim, and Kai